You now need to book for Lake 1 and the Specimen Lake as from Monday 26th April 2021

To do this you simply call our dedicated number 07306409274.

You can only call during the hours of 8am and 4pm Monday to Friday and book a minimum of 24 hours in advance. You will not be able to book outside of these times. You can choose your lake, swim, and date subject to availability. If your chosen peg has already been taken you will be given the option to take other pegs. You need to make a credit or debit card payment at this time of booking so have your card ready when you call. We are unable to reserve or hold pegs without a payment and the payment is non-returnable so be sure before you make payment.

Day tickets terminate at 4pm. The cost is £12 for the day ticket and £6 after 12 mid-day.
Night tickets are £25 per person fishing and is valid from 4pm till 4pm the following day.

You can purchase multiple days and nights should you wish to do so. We allow 1 spectator only for each paid angler and you must ask for permission at the time of booking. All booked pegs will be marked with a reserve sign and in some cases, there will be pegs that are not booked and are available on the day. On a turn up only basis.

Be sure you have read the rules as infringements will not be tolerated. These can be found on our RULES page and on the rules boards at the venue.

Ticket Prices

Lake 1

Dawn till 4pm £12.00 per person.
Late ticket (4 hours back from dark) £6.00
Night fishing £25.00 from 4.00pm till 4.00pm following day.
If you arrive in the morning of your night session it will cost an extra £12.00. If you arrive after mid-day and before 4.00pm it will cost an extra £6.00

Specimen Water

Dawn till 4.00pm £12.00
4.00pm till dusk: £6.00
Whole day:  £18.00
Night session 4.00pm till 4.00pm following day £30.00 plus above if applicable.

Lake 1 Swim Map

Lake 2

Dawn till dusk £12.00 per person.
Late ticket (4 hours back from dark) £6.00

Lake 3 – Snake Water

Dawn till dusk £12.00 per person.
Late ticket (4 hours back from dark) £6.00

Lake 4 – Woodland Lake

Dawn till dusk £12.00 per person.
Late ticket (4 hours back from dark) £6.00

Match Fishing

£10 per peg/person for organised matches only.

Call: 01189 345299 or

Email:  info@pondwoodfisheries.co.uk