Match News

There are regular open matches for those that wish to match fish. If you need some advice or a tutor we can put you in touch with someone that can help and advise you on how to participate and learn the art of match fishing. We have found that from talking to others that wish to join the match fishing fraternity that it can be difficult to enter this popular sport, so an introduction goes some way to making this easier. There are also many clubs on the circuit that fish not only matches at Pondwood Fisheries but also other venues that will give you the experience of fishing waters different often in many ways. For those of you that are already fishing the circuit it’s as easy as picking up the phone or sending an email to join in our open matches.

For the news aspect many matches fished at Pondwood put up regular reports on both matches and venues so it’s as easy as a link to join in and see for yourself regular news updates. Facebook would seem to be the most accessible and popular site for this and it will not take you long to gain friend connections giving you a far greater field of knowledge.

Midweek Open Matches


More information and results can be found on our Facebook page.