Match News

There are regular open matches for those that wish to match fish. If you need some advice or a tutor we can put you in touch with someone that can help and advise you on how to participate and learn the art of match fishing. We have found that from talking to others that wish to join the match fishing fraternity that it can be difficult to enter this popular sport, so an introduction goes some way to making this easier. There are also many clubs on the circuit that fish not only matches at Pondwood Fisheries but also other venues that will give you the experience of fishing waters different often in many ways. For those of you that are already fishing the circuit it’s as easy as picking up the phone or sending an email to join in our open matches.

For the news aspect many matches fished at Pondwood put up regular reports on both matches and venues so it’s as easy as a link to join in and see for yourself regular news updates. Facebook would seem to be the most accessible and popular site for this and it will not take you long to gain friend connections giving you a far greater field of knowledge.

Pondwood match fishing 3
Pondwood match fishing 2

Open Match Dates

Give us a call or drop a line if you want to join in on any of the open matches or Contact Michael Corsini direct via his Facebook page.

Saturday Open matches. The dates are as follows;

14th September
28th September.
You can book in anytime and matches will be announced nearer the time.

Midweek Open Matches


More information and results can be found on our Facebook page.

Over the past weeks we have had many requests to hold a midweek open match. We gave the matter a lot of thought and have now decided to have the open match on a Thursday. The entry fee will be £10 with £2 of this going through to a golden peg that will accumulate until won. There will be a pool also to be decided and participation in this will be optional. Vick Franklin will be running the matches with the first match date being October 4th. The Draw will take place at 9.00am and start at 10 till 4. Meet at the Café where net dipping is compulsory. For match rules visit If you would like to participate let me know or contact Vick Franklin 07828393917

Midweek match 4oct

 The first Thursday match at Pondwood took place on the 4th October on section 3. Mark Cane took first place with 44lb 4oz. and also won the golden peg being 32. 2nd was Vick Franklin on peg 38 with 34lb 4oz. 3rd was Steve James on peg 29 with 30lb being all Roach. Steve set out to catch Roach and that’s exactly what he did. 4th Barry Bristow on peg 40 with 27lb 5oz. Anyone wanting to join in next Thursday contact Josh Holdaway or Vick Franklin. £10 entry with £2 going towards the Golden peg. Pool pot is optional. Josh will put some pics up shortly. A big thanks to Vick and Barry for running the match.

Midweek match 4oct 2
Snake 12 Jun 18 (2)
Snake 12 Jun 18 (3)
Snake 12 Jun 18