Lake 1

Catfishing at Pondwood is legendary with a record of 176 Catfish caught in a one-night session. We shall never know if some of them were caught two or more times but that is not really the issue. The Catfish are breeding at Pondwood so to some extent they create their own biomass for sustainability. The weights range from 1lb up to 51lb and quite frankly we do not want them any larger even if they do grow. They are somewhat restricted by the size of the lake fortunately as many other lakes are trying to get rid of the larger Catfish they stocked due to the fish they eat to survive. One thing is for sure and that is if you want to catch your first Catfish then Pondwood is the place to come to.

There are only a very few small Carp in this lake due to the predatory nature of the Catfish. The rest are well worth catching up to the biggest caught in 2017 weighing 32lb. This fish does not often come out as to get to this weight the fish has to be very smart.

Lake one also has an island in the middle accessed by the legendry Red Bridge. This bridge has recently been built in Steel and again painted red to replace the old timber bridge that unfortunately spent much of its time partially submerged causing its lower section to rot away.

Rule boards for this lake can be found at the main car park and accompanying the rule boards between section 3 and 4 of the Snake. There are 30 swims on this water.