Snake Water 3


The Snake Water has recently undergone a massive revamp. The entire water being a kilometre in length was completely drained and all fish removed and placed to various parts of the fishery. The water was dammed up in strategic positions to facilitate the sectional draining and treatment of the water. The silt was in some case removed and the rest treated with chalk to help accommodate the breakdown process. The individual sections were then refilled as the next section was drained and so on until the entire length had been drained and treated.

The various dams were left, and grills inserted to allow free passage of water whilst retaining the fish that were then stocked. In each section 120 pounds of fish per swim were added including 3 of the existing Carp per swim weighing around 7lb each fish. The rest was made up of 20 Barbel per swim, 20 Bream, 40 Carp, 20 Chub, 20 Ide, 20 Roach and 20 Tench.

Each swim has been separated by steel cable not only to give a definite swim boundary but also to stop predation by Cormorants. Underneath each cable an individual aeration system has been installed to ensure that the water will always be well oxygenated, and the degradation of unwanted feed and fish waste will take place in an expedient manner. An added bonus will be the aeration that will be over the entire length of the Snake and will stop the ice forming during the winter months and facilitate those cold weather matches that would otherwise be cancelled or restricted.

The Snake has been revamped with match and pleasure angling in mind. The water varies in width and will eliminate the need for 16m poles. Something that will no doubt be a relief for many anglers. Whilst at the early stages the fish are mainly 8-10 inches there are the larger Carp up to 7lb by way of bonus fish to help achieve that winning weight. The fish were introduced in April 2018 and are putting on good weight at this time. For regular updates on the catch weights as they happen you can go to Facebook: pondwoodfisheriesofficial where daily posts are displayed.

New paths have been laid to the length of the match water with paths leading off. Each swim has its own path leading to a constructed timber swim surround filled with planning’s to ensure that not only will you be able to access your swim without negotiating through mud or wet grass, but you can also sit and fish in a dry area. Most of the swims are set in a mature woodland environment surrounded by wild flowers, grass and shrubs depending on the season.

You can find the applicable rule boards for this water at the main car park, the bridge by the sections 3 and 4 of the Snake, the car park at the end of the Snake, (Smewins Road car park) and the section 3 path entrance by the rear car park. There are 50 swims on this match water.