Rules Specimen Water 5


  1. No dogs allowed on site.
  2. One single barbless hook only. (Not crushed barb) No stainless steel.
  3. No Braid or Dacron hook length or main line. Mono filament only.
  4. Minimum breaking strain 12lb.
  5. Minimum landing net 30 inch. (750mm) one net per angler.
  6. No lead core or bait coils.
  7. No boilies or pop ups.
  8. No synthetic or artificial baits.
  9. You may use floating baits on the hook but do not loose feed them and this includes bread.
  10. Ground bait and loose feed in moderation only. Pondwood staff will ultimately determine what constitutes moderation.
  11. No bait or rubbish to be on the bank at any time during your session. Use the bins provided.
  12. Any baits not allowed on this water must be left in your car and not be brought on site
  13. No peanuts or nuts generally on or off the hook.
  14. Each angler to have their own unhooking mat (cradle type)
  15. Carp care treatment compulsory.
  16. No spectators.
  17. All vehicles, Cycles and other modes of transport must be parked/left in the car park.
  18. All fish to be put back immediately and in the same swim caught from.
  19. No keep nets or holding nets/sacks.
  20. Two rods per angler only. No third rods.
  21. No glass allowed on site.
  22. Use only the swim you are allocated. No patrolling.
  23. No fly fishing.
  24. Empty or disused gas canisters must be taken away Do not use our facilities to dispose of.
  25. Do not throw your left-over bait into the water. Take it away with you or dispose of in the bins as provided.
  26. Minimum test curve rod required of 2.75lb. If your equipment is not up to scratch, you will not be allowed to fish.
  27. A valid rod licence is required and must be shown on request.
  28. No children under the age of 12 allowed on this water.
  29. No radios or other equipment that emits sound unless head phones are used.
  30. Do not fish over or through the reeds or shrubbery.
  31. Do not cut or damage any reeds, shrubbery or plant life.
  32. No wading.
  33. No bait boats.
  34. The owners accept no responsibility for cars or other items/objects left or used on the site.
  35. Hours of business are dawn till dusk. Or in accordance with your booked time slot. Do not be on site any other time unless permission has been given by staff of Pondwood.
  36. We reserve the right to add or amend rules as we see fit and without warning or notification.
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