Rules Snake Fishing


  1. No dogs allowed whatsoever on the entire estate.
  2. Loose feed in moderation with half a Kilo of ground bait per angler.
  3. At any time or after a match do not throw your left over or unwanted baits into the water. Take it away with you or use the bins provided.
  4. No boilies allowed whatsoever.
  5. No floating baits.
  6. Barbless single hooks only. No stainless steel.
  7. No ledger fishing or similar. Float fishing only.
  8. No more than 1 rod/pole per person.
  9. No litter or tackle to be left on the bank. Use the bins provide or take it home with you,
  10. A current rod licence must be held and shown if requested.
  11. Fish only from the designated swims/platforms.
  12. No glass allowed on site.
  13. No wading.
  14. All nets must be dried before use.
  15. Use only the main paths and access paths to swims and other areas.
  16. Maintain respect for the rights of other anglers not to have you disturb their fish in any way.
  17. Do not walk the furthest bank.
  18. Individual swim boundaries are the far bank to your swim bank and from wire to wire.
  19. No trees shrubs or reeds to be cut or removed whatsoever. If you have a complaint, then see Mick or Josh.
  20. Radios or personal equipment of that ilk must not be used unless headphones are used and any sound must not permeate beyond your swim.
  21. All vehicles must be parked in the allocated parking areas and in a way that is sympathetic with the use and parked not to inconvenience other anglers using that facility.
  22. Absolutely no cars beyond those allocated areas. Cars must not venture anywhere else on the estate of off road/track that is applicable to the designation.
  23. Each car park will have an entry/exit to the walkways. Do not park your car in front or close to this area as it will cause interference to those anglers that need to access, in particular disabled anglers.
  24. The owners and or their representatives accept no responsibility or liability for cars, property or accidents outside of our normal scope of standard liability insurance. Any infringement of the rules will render even this facility void.
  25. We reserve the right to amend the rules as situations arise.
  26. No braid line or hook lengths to be used.
  27. Carp tackle not to be used on this water.
  28. If a rod or tackle is deemed to be unsuitable its use will not be allowed.
  29. A suitable landing net must be used to land all fish without exception and one net per person fishing.
  30. No nuts or peanuts to be used on or off the hook.
  31. Hours of fishing on this water are dawn till dusk. No exceptions. That includes setting and packing up.


  1. 2 keepnets must be used and a third one available if required. All three must be fully stretched and laid on bank on arrival and a minimum 15 minutes before start of match commences. One for larger Carp and the other for smaller and silver fish. A third keep net must be to hand in case the catch exceeds this allowance.
  2. A maximum of 70 lb to be kept in any one net. An allowance over in each net of 10 pounds that will not be counted, and should a net weight exceed this amount the net contents will be disqualified. All fish will remain in the nets until the end of the match. Should you decide to leave early under no circumstances must the fish be put back as this may change the catch rate of the angler next to you. Instead if it is necessary that you leave early nominate a friend to empty the net or nets for you at the end of the match.
  3. Fish must not be kept out of water for a longer period than is necessary to weigh and put back the fish.
  4. Match duration not to exceed 6 hours.
  5. Do not walk from swim to swim as this could be misconstrued as fish walking. If you need to go and talk to someone you must ask for permission from that person and first use the back path before entering the swim path.
  6. All fish to be netted. No swing and catch.
  7. For silver and smaller fish do not weigh more than 30lb at a time.
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