Rules Lake 1


1. No dogs allowed on the premises whatsoever.

2. No children under the age of 12 years whether accompanied or not unless prior arrangement is made.

3. No ground bait, loose feed, P.V.A bags etc… hook baits only.

4. No live bait whatsoever.

5. Frozen dead bait is allowed.

6. Barb less, single hooks only. No stainless steel.

7. Minimum 30” landing net.

8. Unhooking mat compulsory.

9. Minimum 12 lb break strain line.

10. If braid is on the reel, you must not use braided hook length. If a braided hook length is used, then mono filament line must be used from hook length to reel.

11. No keep nets.

12. No more than two rods per person.

13. A current rod licence must be in force and produced upon request.

14. Do not fish over or through the reeds and or plant life.

15. Fish only from the designated swims.

16. Do not use multiple swims unless you vacate the previous swim taking all your tackle etc… With you.

17. Your ticket allows you to use the whole venue with exception to the Specimen water. Ensure you adhere to the applicable rules allocated to the water if you decide to move.

18. All vehicles including push bikes to be parked in the designated car parks only and are not to venture on to any other part of the estate.

19. Radios, personal stereos and the like are not permitted unless used with headphones and must not be heard by the next swim.

20. No trees or shrubs are to be cut or damaged. This means also for using as a rest for nets, rods, etc…

21. No spectators allowed on the catfish lake unless pre-arranged.

22. All fish caught on this lake to be returned as soon as possible to the spot they were landed in.

23. No peanuts or nuts generally, on or off the hook.

24. No litter or waste tackles to be left on the banks. Put it in the bin right away.

25. No glass allowed on site.

26. No wading.

27. The owners or their representatives accept any responsibility or liability for cars, property or accidents outside the scope of their standard liability insurance. Any infringements of the rules will render even this facility void.

28. We reserve the right to add or amend the rules as the situation arises.

29. No spinners or lures.

30. No boilies whatsoever.

31. Hours of fishing are dawn till dusk. Do not be on the premises during the hours of darkness.

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